American Journal of Entomology

Aims and Scope

American Journal of Entomology (ISSN Online: 2640-0537, ISSN Print: 2640-0529) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all aspects of entomology, including the systematics and biology of insects, acarines, and other arthropods. This journal is designed to reflect emerging areas of interest and research in entomology, and promote entomology in all its sub-disciplines for the advancement of science and the benefit of society. The journal welcomes submissions from anywhere in the world from both academic and practitioner communities.

The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:

  • General Entomology
  • Insect Morphology
  • Insect Ethology
  • Insect Physiology
  • Applied Entomology
  • Agricultural Entomology
  • Urban Entomology
  • Chemical Protection of Plants
  • Insect Pathology
  • Extension Entomology
  • Entomological Technology
  • Basic Entomology
  • Insect Biology
  • Insect Taxonomy
  • Insect Ecology
  • Economic Entomology
  • Forest Entomology
  • Insect Toxicology
  • Pest Bio-control
  • Resource Entomology
  • Fruit Tree Entomology

Guidelines for preparing your manuscript can be found in the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines. Once your manuscript is ready, you may proceed to the Submission page to complete the process.